Bounce Houses & Moonwalks

Inflatable bounce houses and moonwalks have become a standard at any party with kids, and Solid Rock Sports has a great selection of large inflatable jumpers.
"I must say it is refreshing dealing with a business like yours. You showed up on time to set up and tear down. Our family had a AWESOME time! The kids and yes the big kids too are still talking about our party. I guess Fred and I are the number one uncle and aunt. We will rent from you again. . . "

- Shelly

Clear back in 1962, Bounce Houses were the first type of inflatables that were invented. Since then, they've been called by many names, such as Spacewalks, Bounce Houses, Moonwalks, Jumpers, Bouncies, and many other. In our area, they are most commonly referred to as Bounce Houses. Whatever you call them, kids love them, and Solid Rock Sports loves to rent them. We only rent the large (15' x 15'), commercial grade bounce houses. Additionally, our Bounce Houses are always clean and in fantastic condition. Rent one of our Bounce Houses for your next birthday party or event rental!

There are a few things that you have to remember when renting Bounce Houses, Jumpers, and Moonwalks. Because these are some of the most popular inflatable rentals, you generally have many places in Ohio that you can rent Bounce Houses from. However, it is important that you rent from a state licensed and insured company like Solid Rock Sports. It isn't because licensing and insurance make a better company. It's because the best companies like Solid Rock Sports follow all the rules so that your guests and children are as safe as possible and have the most amount of fun possible. Additionally, the commonality of Jumpers at parties and events has made people take for granted the importance of safety. This can be a serious mistake when renting a Bounce House. We always deliver and setup your units to make sure that they are properly anchored, clean, safe, and working well. We are also very careful to properly train every event host in the cases where we are not contracted to stay at the party with the Bounce House. We want to make sure that our Bounce Houses are operated in the safest manner possible.