Cotton Candy Machine

Candy in any form is good. But for some reason when you can eat it in the cotton form, it just tastes better. This one was a tough one for us, but we decided to share our Cotton Candy machine with you. And guess what? We are going to give you unlimited supplies during your event! You don't have to buy any supplies extra or try to figure out how much you will use. We got you covered!

Suggested Ages
Suits All Ages Equally

Space Requirements
6' L x 3' W x 3' H Table Top

Electrical Requirements
1 - 20 Amp Circuit

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How can you take your event to the next level? SUGAR HIGH! Cones of fluffy goodness...nothing is better. Cotton Candy at your event will guarantee to put a smile on everyone's face. A great option while standing in line to bounce on an inflatable; devouring this delectable delight! And if all that isn't enough, how else could you get everyone at your event to have a bright pink or brilliant blue tongue.