Popcorn Machine

I once filled an entire inflatable bounce house with popcorn. Boy it feels good to finally say that. I love popcorn. But really, who doesn't? Now we don't allow filling our inflatables with popcorn anymore, but we do recommend renting one of our Popcorn Machines and filling your bellies full of popcorn. We've found that while it is fun to dive into a bounce house full of popcorn, the clean up is ridiculous. Your much better to dive your hands into a bag of popcorn and enjoy that great buttery taste!

Suggested Ages
Suits All Ages Equally

Space Requirements
6’ L x 3’ W x 3’ H Table Top

Electrical Requirements
1 - 20 Amp Circuit

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We provide all the necessary supplies for your event (i.e. Bags, Kernel/Butter Packets, Scoop). Whether your event is a school carnival, vacation Bible school, or any other type, the Popcorn Machine is what you need for your occasion. There doesn't seem to be anything better than the crunchy, buttery goodness....my mouth is watering just thinking about it.