Generator - 5500W

If any of you have rented generators before, you know that it's kind of confusing to know what you need. Furthermore, when you finally get the right sized generator, you find out that you don't have the correct adapters or that it isn't working properly. We've experienced the same things many times. That's why we now rent our own generators. Our 5500 watt generators are well maintained and can supply enough power to operate 2-3 inflatable blowers at one time, depending no the blowers. We bring a grounding rod for additional safety, and we bring plenty of fuel so that your event doesn't stop until it is over.

Suggested Ages
Suits All Ages Equally

Space Requirements
4’ L x 4’ W x 4’ H

Electrical Requirements
None Required

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How do you know you need a generator for your event? Ask our helpful and informative service representatives about the electric requirements for the items you are renting. If you inflatable rental event is located outdoors not close to enough to adequate electrical source then most likely you will want to utilize our generator service. Power up your attractions with our generators without worrying about if you have enough electric.