In addition to all the fun event rentals, we offer a variety of supplemental rental equipment such as tables, chairs, and generators. Whatever you need for your big event, we've got you covered!
"You guys have been great to work with. From booking to execution of the event, everything is first rate. Looking forward to working with you again soon. Thanks. "

- Erik

Event rentals such as tables, chairs, and generators are kind of the unsung heroes of the event. No one gets too excited about a chair when they arrive at an event. But they sure enjoy sitting on or eating over this essential rental equipment. And consider how little fun an inflatable rental would be if there were no electric available to inflate it. Don't forget to get all the boring event rental equipment for your Ohio event right here at Solid Rock Sports, where we care about the boring rentals just as much as the fun rentals.

Renting the right generator is often essential for desigining a great Ohio event or party. Over the many years of serving Ohioans through our event rentals, we've found a few things to be true. First, kids never get tired. And second, generators are rather fickle. It seems that you never know what you are going to get when you rent a generator. Sometimes they work the way they are supposed to; sometimes they don't. Sometimes you have the proper cords and connections, but most of the time you don't. One thing you can be sure of is that if you rent generators from Solid Rock Sports, it will always work. We know our generators well, and we know how to keep all of our inflatables properly inflated and our cotton candy machines spinning fast.