Slides & Combos

Inflatable bounce houses and moonwalks have become a standard at any party with kids. Solid Rock Sports has a great selection of large inflatable jumpers.
"Your staff was very prompt and very friendly when they arrived at the event. We also appreciate the process of arranging for the event, as we have a low budget but you always seem to work with us..."

- Beverly

Slides have been popular for ages. So, what's the big deal about an inflatable slide? Inflatable slides are popular because you can get very large slides delivered right to your door. They can be setup really quickly and are often able to accommodate larger numbers of participants. Inflatable slides, because they are so big, can be a safety concern if you do not rent from a safety conscious company like Solid Rock Sports. Properly anchoring inflatable slides is extremely important. Not only do the anchors provide protection from the wind and natural boyancy, they are part of the structure of the slide and provide support to side and other loads.

Bounce house combos have quickly become popular options for backyard parties because you can have a fun slide as well as the ever popular bounce house. These bounce house combos can be nice compromises when you are have limited space or funds and would like a slide as well as a bounce house. The down side is that they are often smaller bounce houses and slides and usually aren't as good for bigger kids or adults. They are still a great item for large events, as it spreads out large crowds and allows kids of different sizes and ages to be more comfortable around like peers.